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Know Where To Get Premium Quality Hay And Feed

In big farms that specialize in animal husbandry, it is easy to come across animals such as Horses, Sheep, Goats, cattle and any other livestock kept. For healthy animals on the farm, owners have done one thing correctly, feeding them. The amount of food every animal needs can run to tens of pounds each year. As a manager, you want to ensure there is enough food every year. The easy thing you can do to achieve this is to have enough hay and other feeds kept for a rainy day. When looking to buy premium quality hay and feed Millbrook NY offers, you are in the right place.

Now that animal feed must be enough throughout the years; you don’t have to order any hay you come across. The trick is to get premium feeds and have the animal enjoy. But why would you spend a lot of money investing in good hay and other animal feed? Read through to understand.

Many farms that have kept animals rely on these stored feeds to ensure the animals eat enough. Depending on the animals you keep, the hay taken daily might even go as high as 50% of your daily diet. As such, these grazing animals will have a hard time during winter getting the feed. Today, you don’t want to be caught off guard. You make plans and have enough stock of feed to last for months.

If you get hay from the right supplier, it means your animals will not be affected as there is enough food. Any poor-quality hay you source from an unknown seller will lead to digestion and reparatory issues because of contamination. If you want to avoid these challenges, get the supplier who has stood the test of time.

Get different types

When it comes to quality hay, you have a choice to make. You might want to have a mixture of grass, cereal grains, legume and grain hays. There is mixed hays which contain legumes and grasses. When buying, always get a package that contains more leaves because it offers good nutrition.

Fresh smell and appearance

It’s always good to have suppliers who can deliver when called. If the time comes to buy, ensure the hay you source from the local supplier is fresh and in good appearance. No animal wants to feed for the sake of it. You have to avoid the moldy, off-setting, and musty-smelling hay since it is bad in quality.

Clean hay

One thing you need is to ensure the packages delivered are clean and contain harvested forages. It must not have dust, dirt, weeds, trash and any other harmful foreign element. The choice of a supplier matters here.

The color

When ordering, it’s great to check the color. Good quality comes in bright green, with slight fading. If there are yellow spots or blackish color, that is not good hay for the animals.

The supplier
If you want to buy hay and feed your animals, contact Pleasant View Farms. Here, you get premium quality grain products, feed and horse bedding to take you through the year.

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